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PAM Transportation Services, Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions about PAM Transport
Questions and Answers For Drivers Considering Employment With PAM Transport

Have a question about driving for PAM Transport?

Shown below are some frequently asked questions regarding PAM Transport and our related services.  We hope you find this information a valuable resource as you consider PAM Transport for your next trucking job.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
What does PAM stand for?
PAM is short for the company founder's initials.  PAM is now synonymous with the leading provider of transportation solutions in North America.
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Where is PAM Transport located?
The corporate offices for PAM Transport are located in Northwest Arkansas’ beautiful Ozark Mountains in the tranquil community of Tontitown, Arkansas.  PAM Transport, Inc. was founded in Tontitown in 1980. 
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How can I speak with a PAM Transport driver recruiter?
You may call our corporate recruiting office directly at 1-800-283-5125 during normal business hours.  We are located in the central time zone. 
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PAM Transport Equipment
Do PAM Transport drivers "slip seat" trucks?
No, truck drivers employed by PAM Transport are assigned their own tractors.  There is no slip seating while drivers are taking time off.  
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Can I take the truck home with me?
Yes, so long as there is a safe, secure area near your home to park the truck.   
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At what speed are PAM Transport trucks goverened?
For safety concerns and better fuel economy, PAM Transport trucks range in top speeds from 67-70 m.p.h.

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How new are PAM Transport trucks?
Our trucks have an average age of 18 months or newer.  Newer equipment means less maintenance, better safety, and increased driver satisfaction.  
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Driver Hiring Process
How do I apply for a truck driving position with PAM Transport?
Simply complete the online PAM Transport driver application.

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OK, I've completed the online driver application. What happens next?
Our goal is to process driver applications within 2 to 3 days. If approved, we will set up a physical/drug appointment at a clinic in or nearby the driver’s hometown. Once the physical/drug is approved, we will schedule orientation.  If have questions, please call our driver recruiting department at 1-800-283-5125.

Inexperienced drivers who have applied for the company-sponsored CDL training program should visit the Driver Solutions website for information about their application.
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Once I've been offered a driving position, where will the new driver orientation be conducted?
We will either set up a bus ticket to get the driver to our headquarters in Tontitown or drivers may drive their own vehicle. PAM Transport conducts a two day orientation class. After completion of the orientation, new drivers will be assigned a tractor and dispatched on a load. 
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Do you offer company-paid truck driving school?
Yes, PAM Transport does offer a company-sponsored CDL training program for inexperienced drivers.  Through our partnership with Driver Solutions, approved applicants will attend a certified truck driver training program with no upfront tuition down payments and regardless of your past credit history.  For more information, check out the PAM Transport CDL training information on the Driver Solutions website.
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Does PAM Transport have a uniform policy?
No, PAM Transport asks our drivers to maintain a neat and clean appearance. We permit our drivers to wear shorts, have facial hair, and do not have length requirement. 

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PAM Transport Driver Pay
How are PAM Transport drivers paid - by miles or by percentage of load?
PAM Transport drivers are paid based on miles.   
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Does PAM Transport offer layover pay?
Yes, PAM Transport offers various rates for varying situations.
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How much money can an inexperienced driver make the first year at PAM Transport?
Inexperienced drivers who complete the company-sponsored CDL training program can expect to earn up to $37,000 the first year of driving for PAM Transport. 
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Are PAM Transport drivers offered a benefits package?
Yes, PAM Transport believes our drivers are one of our biggest assets and we make sure we take care of our drivers.  For details, please review the benefits information.  
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PAM Transport Company Policies
Does PAM Transport allow truck drivers to take pets in their trucks?
PAM Transport does NOT allow pets in the trucks.
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How often do PAM Transport drivers get home?
PAM Transport drivers average approximately 2 weeks out. Naturally, a lot of times drivers will be able to get by the house under a load which will not count against their time off.
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Do PAM Transport drivers have to unload trailers?
Our freight primarily consists of automotive parts, air conditioner units, cosmetics and paper, so it will be no touch freight. Also, much of our freight will be drop and hook, which helps on a driver’s hours of service.
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What is PAM Transport's passenger policy?
PAM Transport drivers can take a spouse, significant other or friend 18 years or older. Drivers may take a child, grandchild, step-child 13 years or older. There is no insurance fee for a spouse (marriage certificate), but for other passengers it will cost $26.50 per month.

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