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Truck Driver Testimonials
Quotes From Our Professional Truck Drivers

What better way for you to hear about how happy our truck drivers are than from them? Here are just a few quotes from some of our professional truck drivers. And if you have any questions, we invite you to speak with one of our truck driving professionals; ask them about the company and if things are really the way we say they are. We also invite you to call one of our truck driver recruiters to find out what truck driving opportunities we have to offer you. 

Driver Jim Hagen "I had driven a truck back in the 80s until about 1995. Then I got out of it and started selling cars. I did that until 2002 when I got the itch to drive a truck again. Problem was it had been too long since I had driven for a trucking company and no one would hire me. Then I remembered a buddy of mine that got into the trucking industry by attending a company-sponsored CDL truck driver training program, and then he went to drive for PAM Transport. He told me it was a good place to work, and a good way to get back into the trucking industry. I did the same thing he did and went to work for PAM Transport in July of 2002. I was made a driver trainer in July of 2003 and truly love what I do. I train on a dedicated run and the home time is great. PAM Transport helped me get back into the trucking industry and I would recommend both the CDL truck driver training program and the company to anyone who wants fair treatment and great hometime."
Jim Hagen
Warren , OH
Driver for PAM Transport Since 2002
Driver Theodore Gilmore "When I first started in truck driving, PAM Transport was there for me. PAM allowed me the opportunity to get started in the trucking industry. The have given me good miles and I get home pretty regularly. They have always treated me real well."
Theodore Gilmore
Hope , AR
Driver for PAM Transport Since 1989
Driver James E. Damron, Jr. "I’ve been an over-the-road truck driver for 14 years, and have worked for several other trucking carriers. I’ve been with PAM Transport for 8 years and the reason I stay is simple. What’s important to a truck driver? Good miles? Good pay? Good equipment? Dedicated runs? No-touch freight? Well, PAM has ALL those things. But, we also have excellent hometime. The staff here realizes that truck driving is your JOB. Your spouse, children, and friends are your LIFE. Good pay, steady miles, and home EVERY WEEKEND. Take back your life, come see us."
James E. Damron, Jr.
Norman , OK
Driver for PAM Transport Since 1997
Driver Raphael Lucas "I have worked for PAM Transport out of Jacksonville, Florida for some time now and have enjoyed every minute. After I attended a CDL truck driver training school, I completed my training with an experienced driver trainer here at PAM. In addition to having wonderful trainers and staff, they always have someone in the office that can help you with any type of problem you have at any time of the day or night."
Raphael Lucas
Lithonia , GA
Driver for PAM Transport Since 2005

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